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| 2008/10/14 00:00

Goya piece stolen in Bogotá has been found

Goya piece stolen in Bogotá has been found

The Sijin (one of the intelligence organizations of the judicial police in Colombia) found the Goya engraving that was stolen in Bogotá on September 11th, on Sunday in a hotel room downtown. The work entitled “Sad premonitions of what is to happen” was part of the exposition “Disasters of War” that has a total of 80 pieces made by Spanish artist Francisco de Goya between 1810 and 1815 and will be exposed in the Colombian capital until October 30th. The recovered engraving returned to the exposition this morning.

The identity of the thief still is unknown, but the authorities were able to find the art piece because of precise information given to them by an informer, who apparently will receive a reward of 20 million COP, about 10.000 USD.

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