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| 2008/09/23 00:00

Ingrid Betancourt is being threatened by FARC

Ingrid Betancourt is being threatened by FARC

Former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt, who was held hostage by Farc guerrilla for more than 6 years and was rescued in July by Colombian military during the famous Operation Jaque (Check mate), said she was being threatened by the Farc during an interview with Caracol Basica radio station yesterday.

She said that ever since she was rescued her live has been in constant danger. “The FARC have been very hard in with that subject. Those of us who were liberated on July 2nd are fugitives and that is a very strong connotation. Since then we have been pointed as a military target”, she explained. But she tried to underline that returning to Colombia is her biggest dream.


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