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Journalist Yamid Amat honored by colleagues

Journalist Yamid Amat honored by colleagues

This Tuesday, on the same day Colombia celebrates Journalism Day, Yamid Amat, one of the most important journalists in the country, was honored by his colleagues with the lifetime achievement award form the CPB (Bogota´s journalists association). Amat has had a long and fruitful career as a print and television journalist. Currently he directs a nightly news show (CM&), hosts his own interview show (Pregunta Yamid) and writes on the Sunday edition of El Tiempo newspaper. Amat has won many awards, including the Ondas award, the King of Spain award and 9 Simon Bolivar Awards. In his speech Yamid Amat thanked his colleagues and dedicated the prize to two renowned Colombian journalists, Rodrigo Pardo and Maria Elvira Samper, director and editor of Cambio magazine, a Colombian political weekly that recently went out of business.

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