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| 2008/10/21 00:00

More than 12.000 indigenous people start marching today

More than 12.000 indigenous people start marching today

Between 12.000 and 20.000 native Colombians will start to march today at 9 in the morning from Piendamó, Cauca (in the south of the country) to the city of Cali. Those indigenous communities started to protest against the government eight days ago, for lands they had been promised but have not received to date as well as the many murders they have been victims of during this year. The protests turned violent and were repressed by the police, which left many hurt on both sides and one native dead.

The communities have promised that the march will be peaceful and expect to arrive in Cali on October 28th. They are planning to make four mayor stops during which they will debate the different issues that have been affecting them.

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