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| 2008/10/20 00:00

Native Colombians will start pacific march tomorrow

Native Colombians will start pacific march tomorrow

After eight days of protests, which had turned very violent leaving at least 100 natives hurt, one dead and many policemen also hurt, the gathered native Colombians have decided to start a pacific march tomorrow, from Piendamó, Cauca, (south of the country) to the city of Cali. There they will try to make their cause known to the international community and in case they deem it necessary, they might even plan to march to Bogotá.

During the weekend a committee of three ministers, including the minister of social protection, the minister of agriculture and the minister of defense, met with the indigenous leaders and offered to buy the land the communities are in need of, as soon as possible. But the leaders have insisted that they won’t agree to anything until President Álvaro Uribe meets them personally. They also said the offering still violated their territorial rights.

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