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| 2008/09/26 00:00

Opposition asks for minister’s resignation

Opposition asks for minister’s resignation

The opposition debates with the coalition on whether the minister of Justice and Interior Fabio Valencia Cossio should resign his post, since his brother Guillermo León Valencia was captured yesterday after being accused of links with paramilitary groups in Medellín. Colombian newspaper El Espectador reported that Carlos Gaviria, director of the leftist political party Polo Democratico, said that the minister should leave his office and maintain his dignity. Gaviria was also appalled by the fact that Guillermo León Valencia was granted domiciliary arrest, instead of having to stay at a state jail. On the other hand, Roy Barreras, speaker in the chamber of representatives of the Congress for the coalition party Cambio Radical, declared that even though he agreed on a proper investigation on an unworthy attorney, “I don’t think Fabio Valencia should resign and pay for his brother’s broken dishes”.

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