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| 2009/02/13 00:00

President Alvaro Uribe, doubtful about humanitarian exchange

President Alvaro Uribe, doubtful about humanitarian exchange

Colombia’s President Alvaro Uribe Vélez said yesterday that the only real agreement he will accept with the FARC is for the guerrilla group to release all the hostages and stop violence. With that sentence, he strengthened his position regarding a humanitarian exchange, which has been at the top of the agenda since two former political hostages, Alan Jara and Sigifredo López, strongly criticized the government for not advancing in a possible humanitarian exchange, seen by many as a possible step forward to solve the civil conflict in Colombia.

The president also denied that two of the most important FARC leaders detained in the United States, alias ‘Sonia’ and alias ‘Simón Trinidad’, would eventually be part of the exchange.

Uribe has changed his mind regarding the humanitarian exchange. On February 3, he had confirmed that his government was ready for such an agreement.

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