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| 2008/10/07 00:00

Rain season in Colombia might be one of the worst in a decade

Rain season in Colombia might be one of the worst in a decade

The institute of hydrology, meteorology and environmental studies (Ideam) announced that this rain season that started in Colombia last week will extend itself until the first couple of weeks of December. Even though the Ideam has cleared up that the rain season is absolutely normal and not a consequence of any special meteorological phenomena, still this could be the strongest rain season the country has seen in the last 10 years. This means that even though during the last days the rain has not stopped, this is only the beginning. Many cities and municipalities in Colombia are already facing emergency situations because of the floods that have affected communities that are starting to lose many of their positions to the water. Barranquilla, in the Atlantic coast is one of the places with the biggest emergency, and in other places like San Pedro de Urabá, Turbo, Dabeiba and Chigorodó, in the north of Colombia, rivers have started to overflow. There is also a respiratory illnesses epidemic because of the weather, which has affected mostly young children.

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