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| 2010/09/28 00:00

Senator Piedad Córdoba says she isn’t “finished politically”

Senator Piedad Córdoba says she isn’t “finished politically”

Liberal Senator told the press on Tuesday that she is “not finished politically”, after this week Colombia’s Inspector General, Alejandro Ordóñez, removed her from the Congress and banned her from holding public office for 18 years, claiming that she aided the FARC. Ordóñez also argued that Córdoba might have contributed with this illegal armed group, delaying a potential Ingrid Betancourt’s liberation before the latter was freed by the Colombian Army in Operation ‘Jaque’ (2008). “I’m not part of the FARC, nor a member of its high command, so I wouldn’t have been able to delay Betancourt’s delivery. I haven’t benefited from that process either”, said the Senator.

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