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| 2008/11/07 00:00

Three Colombian military units “don’t qualify” to receive U.S. help

Three Colombian military units “don’t qualify” to receive U.S. help

Two divisions of the army and one mine removal unit will stop receiving military assistance from the U.S. government, because they are involved in violations of Human Rights. “ Any assistance that might have been directed to those units has been redirected to units that are eligible according to the law of the United States”, informed the U.S. Embassy in Bogotá.

This measure is related to the grave reports about extra judicial executions, where innocent civilians were presented as subversive fighters killed in combat with the Army. The investigations, even though they have not concluded yet, point towards recruiters who handed over young men from Bogotá and Soacha to military members, so they could be assassinated and then presented as criminals.

Minister of Defense, Juan Manuel Santos, said on Thursday night that ambassador William Brownsfield had confirmed to him that this did not mean that the U.S. would suspend its military help for Colombia, but that those resources would be redirected to other military units.

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