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Three foreigners expelled from Colombia for supporting protests

Three foreigners expelled from Colombia for supporting protests

The National Intelligence Service (DAS) expelled three foreigners, a German and two people with French nationality, on October 1st for being at the sugar cane cutters strike that has been taking place in the Valle department, in the south west of the country, for the last couple of weeks.

Today at a press conference Maria del Pilar Hurtado, director of the DAS informed that the three foreigners had tourists visas and therefore violated the migratory law by participating at a public protest. “When they entered our country they assured that they came as tourists, that they were going to enjoy the beauty of Colombia. When they were questioned by the DAS and the national police, when we found the participating in the protests, we realized that they were not fulfilling the information they initially gave the authorities and they were expelled for that reason”, she said.

SEMANA.COM spoke with Christina Friederika Müller, the German woman who had to leave Colombia. She assured that she was not actively participating at the manifestation, but that she had just been an outside observer. She did reveal though that her trip was not just for tourism, but that she had been invited to the country by an NGO called Cospacc (Corporación Social para la Asesoría y la Capacitación Comunitaria).

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