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| 1/19/2009 12:00:00 AM

“We will leave for you because you need to show results.”

On September 20, the guerilla commander calls the Army major and gives him the information and location of a group of ten FARC militants. The guerrilla tells him that the ELN was going to attack them but that as the major needed to show results to his superiors, opted then to “give them” the operation, so that they could capture or kill them themselves. At the end of the conversation, the guerrilla asks the official about the possibility of selling the ELN 40 and 60 millimeter grenades.

Ernesto: Hey, I’ve got you two good pieces of information.

Major: Talk to me.

Ernesto: I was wondering if we could do something by the Alto Caranal. Over there things are good.

Major: We were there a little last night.

Ernesto: Oh, really?

Major: But something more specific would help us more.

Ernesto: Of course. You spoke with Eduardo?

Major: I spoke with him at about 1.

Ernesto: In Caranal there is some business to take care of. From the town up there is a road towards Bruselas.

Major: Yes, sir.

Ernesto: Towards the hacienda there, there in the hacienda.

Major: Yes.

Ernesto: In the hacienda is where the guys (alleged FARC militants) are staying.

Major: He mentioned also about Caño Verde.

Ernesto: That’s right. It is there, at Otoniel’s place, Otoniel’s store.

Major: Otoniel’s store. Right, great. I have a map of all that.

Ernesto: Alright

Major: We were there last night a little, so just tell them to look for the store.

Ernesto: And you’ll see that the guys- bam, son of a bitch! That’s the way they will go down!

Major: Great, Ernesto. And how are you all doing?

Ernesto: We are working around there on something and after we are done with that then we will go and we’ll coordinate, pal, if we take care of some business there.

Major: Alright, Ernesto.

Ernesto: Yes, because anyway you already have been through some stuff there. Our proposal is that you budge a little bit and we get in and check everything out.

Major: From a distance…

Ernesto: Of course in our case the FARC will come out. You understand me?

Major: Yes, I understand you. Fine, brother.

Ernesto: There is some good business here for you. Now you have Caranal. There are ten militants there for you for sure.

Major: Yes.

Ernesto: They have three rifles you should be aware of. The rest have pistols. They are the ones who go almost every day to the road to make checkpoints and screw around and carjack and all that shit.

Major: Ernesto, they live in Bruselas? In which part? You don’t have that information?

Ernesto: Look, pay attention. They are there like 15 minutes from Caranal

Major: Yes.

Ernesto: On the little road that goes by the school, there is is a place that they call La Hacienda. That is where the SOBs are staying. The guys leave, go down every day to mess around. You can ambush them in the bushes near the river.

Major: Yes.

Ernesto: That is where you have to catch them.

Major: Ah, OK, great. And that won’t take a lot of men…

Ernesto: Yes. That will be easy to do. We were going to go in with eight men there but we will forget it. Eduardo told me that you needed results, that you needed to show something. That they were pressuring you, so then, we’ll let you do it.

Major: That’s right. Yesterday, day before yesterday, there was a change in command. They moved all the generals around. Maybe that will alleviate the pressure.

Ernesto: Ah, OK. Old man, listen, another thing.

Major: Tell me.

Ernesto: It’s that we are needing… those grenades of 40 millimeters.

Major: OK

Ernesto: And the 60 millimeter ones. So we were saying: it would be good to see what the possibilities are of making a business there so that we can buy them from you.

Major: Give me some time. I can have them for you in about ten days.

Ernesto: Alright, buddy.

Major: Let me look around here, and as soon I locate it, I will confirm it with you.

Ernesto: Alright, good luck with things and tell me if you can or can’t.
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