... And Latin America As Well

Aug 31--The Hemisphere: With allies such as Honduras flatly condemned, and Colombia being left to defend itself over its ties with our military, the United States is squandering its influence in Latin America.

The Obama administration further tightened the screws on Honduras last Thursday, declaring the ouster of President Mel Zelaya "a military coup." According to Honduras' constitution, Zelaya's removal June 28 was neither. Still, the hemisphere's third-poorest nation is being denied $150 million in aid.

The cutoff presumably is aimed at inciting a hungry-man's revolt and pressuring the government to reseat Zelaya. This is ironic: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Zelaya "irresponsible" for trying to re-enter Honduras in July because of likely violence. The aid cutoff, intended to do the same, is just as "irresponsible" — and insulting to Hondurans to boot.

Friday's news out of Latin America was no better. Colombia stood alone at a Star Chamber-like interrogation at the summit of the Union of South American Nations, a defense organization, in Bariloche, Argentina.
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