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Bogota Colombia bus system may be model for NJ and NY

Jul 16--They may be about to change. In Bogota, Colombia they have developed a bus system known as Transmilenio. It is a bus rapid transit (BRT) system.

16 de julio de 2009

The system features clean diesel technology buses running along dedicated roadways out of traffic congestion. It features stations, much like rail station which are centralized stops along the system and commuters access them with swipe cards. The central stations have other bus lines that act as "feeders" bringing in commuters on buses from various places. The feeder buses are also of a clean tech variety. This new bus system has allowed for the elimination of many jitney bus lines that added to traffic congestion and were heavy polluters due to age.

This is a unique system that acts a melding of transit concepts. dedicated "tracks" without gridlock, centralized stations, smartcard fare technology, bike parking and even a centralized computer command control center.
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