Chavez: Unchecked And Unchallenged

Aug 20--Venezuela's growing threat to U.S. security.

As with any bully, to Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chávez, weakness is a provocation. A self-defined enemy of the U.S., Chávez is running amok and challenging us at every turn--testing whether we care enough to defend our principles or stand by our allies. Congress is right to insist that the Obama administration prove that it understands the Chávez threat, and it is putting a policy in place to protect our interests close to home.

Chávez's latest assault on U.S. security interests centers on Colombia's plans to allow our security personnel to use Colombian bases as part of our long-standing anti-drug cooperation. With great fanfare, Chávez has threatened trade ties with Colombia and instructed his military to be prepared for a confrontation, declaring on Aug. 9, "I call on the people and the armed forces, let's go, ready for combat!"
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