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Colombia Confirms Uribe Met with Reps of Honduran Junta

Jul 23--The Colombian government confirmed Wednesday that President Alvaro Uribe held an “informal” meeting with a delegation from the regime running Honduras since the June 28 ouster of elected head of state Mel Zelaya.

23 de julio de 2009

The government commented hours after the junta’s foreign minister, Carlos Lopez, told Bogota’s La FM radio about the meeting and said that Uribe expressed “sympathy” for the Honduran regime headed by erstwhile Congress speaker Roberto Micheletti.

“In the framework of the process of facilitation for the Honduras situation, led by the president of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias, a Honduran commission was received informally,” the Colombian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

But the ministry stressed that the Colombian government “does not endorse the personal comments expressed by members of the Honduran commission ... regarding third countries.”

Lopez told La FM that he and his colleagues traveled to Bogota because they regard both Honduras and Colombia as “victims of common external aggressors, such as (Venezuelan President) Hugo Chavez.”
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