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Colombian guerrillas behind kidnappings in Venezuela

Jul 27--With a law enforcement crackdown in Colombia, guerrillas are working across the border.

Samuel Molina thought he’d struck a life-saving deal.

After months of negotiations, the Venezuelan carpenter agreed to pay a $325,000 ransom for his wife and daughter, who were kidnapped by Colombian guerrillas.

Shortly before Molina was to hand over the cash in February, Venezuelan police rescued his wife. But his relief turned to anguish when he learned that the kidnappers still held his daughter, 16-year-old Maria Jose.

Since then, the kidnappers have cut off communications with the family and now Molina wonders if Maria Jose is still alive.

Amid a military and police crackdown in Colombia, Marxist guerrillas — as well as criminal gangs — are increasingly crossing into Venezuela to grab ranchers, businesspeople, foreigners and children.
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