Colombian guerrillas release video of two hostages

Aug 18--Colombian Marxist guerrillas have released a video showing that two hostages are alive and seemingly well.

18 de agosto de 2009

The video released Monday contains statements from police Maj. Guillermo Solorzano, taken hostage in June 2007, and army Cpl. Salin Antonio San Miguel Valderrama, captured in May 2008.

"I have what I need," San Miguel says in the video. "My captors have provided everything I need to live. I am in good spirits. My happiness has not left me, Mama, I am still strong and hoping for freedom soon, for myself and for all my companions. I want to ease your doubts: In the armed incursion I was wounded, but it is now healed with medicine I was given by my captives. And as for the rhinitis, I don't have any problems with it."

The hostages asked the Colombian government to negotiate with the guerrillas, who are members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

"I declaim to all those who have the power to make decisions, so that we can come back to life, to do something for us," Solorzano says. "That they help us. That they realize that we are here. We suffer here with stoicism, with courage, with dignity every day."

San Miguel's mother, Olga Valderrama, expressed joy at finally seeing her son.

"He looked well. He looked well. Really," she said in a TV interview. "I saw my son, and I am happy, or rather I should say delighted, to see him with positive energy. I saw that he was well, and I give thanks to God and the Holy Spirit."

The video was made public by opposition Sen. Piedad Cordoba, who has brokered previous hostage releases. She was planning to make more proof-of-life videos available Monday but was able to provide only one. More will come soon, she said.
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