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CONMEBOL week 15 wrap- pt. 2

Sept 07--Colombia were in dire straits and things got only worse when Fabian Vargas suffered the ghastliest injury this side of Eduardo

Pablo Palacios came in to challenge the Almería man, and even though it did not have the intentions that came behind the challenge that injured the Arsenal man. Vargas suffered a tibia fracture and a third degree ankle sprain. Referee Sergio Pezzotta only gave Palacios a yellow card; but he would then blow it for Ecuador when he was carded for a second time for diving in the box.

The Colombian attack was short-circuited in the middle with and without him. There was no direction in Eduardo Lara's men. The entire midfield had players with the same function, which affected players like Radamel Falcao García. The Porto man dropped down to play at the number 10 and left Giovanni Moreno as the lone point man. Disaster was eminent. THe substitution patterns were even worse. Falcao was substituted for Giovanni Hernandez. The Junior star once again showed that he is only fit for club and not country.
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