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Drug kingpin flown to city for 'justice'

Sept 04--An accused drug kingpin was hauled from Romania to Manhattan on Thursday to face charges he plotted to smuggle tons of cocaine in cargo planes.

4 de septiembre de 2009

Prosecutors say Jesus Eduardo Valencia-Arbelaez, 43, heads a Colombia-based global trafficking ring that moved millions of dollars worth of drugs and cash across Europe, South America and West Africa.

The sophisticated gang, known as "The Organization," first tried to buy a cargo plane in September 2007 to ship its product from Venezuela to West Africa.

During a meeting last January with a federal informant, Valencia-Arbelaez claimed the gang also wanted to fly cocaine from Bolivia to West Africa, prosecutors said.

One day after the meeting, Valencia-Arbelaez delivered 250,000 euros to the informant as partial payment for an airplane, the feds said.
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