Hostage's video plea released in Colombia

Sept 24--Marxist guerrillas in Colombia have released a proof-of-life video of a hostage who has been held for nearly 12 years.

24 de septiembre de 2009

The video, released Wednesday night, shows Colombian army Cpl. Pablo Emilio Moncayo, who has been held for 11 years and nine months by the rebel Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known by its Spanish acronym FARC.

In the video, Moncayo knocks three times with his knuckles on a table in front of him and asks Colombian President Alvaro Uribe to "please open the door" and work to release Moncayo and other hostages.

The FARC have said they want to exchange hostages for rebels being held prisoner, but Uribe has rejected all requests for negotiations.

Moncayo said he was separated from other hostages five months ago and is being forced to march with the guerrillas in the jungles of Colombia. He said he fears for his safety.

He also said he has not lost faith that he will return home safe and sound.

The FARC announced in April that they were going to let Moncayo go but the release has not taken place. He was taken hostage December 21, 1997.

Moncayo's father, a teacher who quit his job so he could travel the world full time to plead for his son's release, said he first thought the video was a joke because of Moncayo's dramatic appearance. He last saw a video of his son a year ago.
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