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Juanes - To sing or not to sing - in Cuba

Aug 06--Colombian rocker Juanes, who will turn 37 this coming up Sunday (August 9th) is getting an ear full from Cubans exiled in the U.S. in regards to his plans to hold his second “Peace Without Borders” concert in Havana, Cuba, on September 20th this year.

6 de agosto de 2009

While he awaits the approval from the Cuban government to use Revolution Plaza for the concert, Juanes has been also talking to U.S. officials, including Hillary Clinton, in hopes that a few U.S. performers can participate.

Meanwhile, a Colombia Reports article says that Juanes’s plans to hold the concert in the island turns him into an accomplice to the Cuban government in the eyes of the exiled Cuban community and that they are threatening with boycotting any future concerts he may hold in Miami.
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