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Major Cultural Art Exhibition from Colombia Opens at New York City's Grand Central Terminal

Sept 23--Discover Colombia Through Its Heart,” a new 47-piece cultural art exhibition from the South American country of Colombia, opened today at New York City’s Grand Central Terminal.

The exhibit, located in the grand Beaux Arts-era Vanderbilt Hall of Grand Central Terminal, features seven interactive 13-foot heart-shaped sculptures, which spotlight different features of Colombia, from its diverse culture and landscape to its native artists, including world-renowned artist Fernando Botero, Grammy Award-winning musician Shakira and Nobel Prize-winning writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, among others.

The exhibit also includes 40 smaller heart sculptures, which are on display at Madison Square Garden and Penn Station, as well as outside schools, in parks and in other high-traffic public areas. All of the heart sculptures for the exhibition were created by a creative team of Colombian professionals selected from across the country. The exhibition also includes musical and cultural performances and other educational programs.

“We would like the whole world to see our reality with its own eyes,” says Maria Claudia Lacouture, General Director of Colombia is Passion. “We therefore decided to do the impossible: bring our country around the world.”
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