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Palenke Soultribe - An Afro-Electronic feel of Colombia

Jul 28--Palenke Soultribe, the Los Angeles based of Colombian roots electronic/Latin band, will hold its “Oro” CD release party this Thursday, July 30th, at the Conga Room.

Palenke Soultribe was founded in 2005 and swiftly released a vinyl called “Folcloric Deconstruktion.” In 2007 it produced the project entitled “Tropic N’ Heaven.”

“Oro” is the first of a trilogy of albums inspired by the colors of the Colombian flag – yellow (Oro), blue (Downtempo), and red (Dance/Electronica). This latest work is innovative in that it primarily mixes indigenous Afro-Colombian sounds with electronic vibes. The album features well-known international artists, such as Miami’s Locos Por Juana, the bass player from Kinky - Cesar Pliego, and others.
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