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Plaza Colombian ground-breaking in West Kendall stirs national pride

Jul 22--As millions of Colombians around the world were celebrating their country's 199th Independence Day, those in Kendall had a little extra to celebrate -- the ground-breaking for the new Plaza Colombian at Westwind Lakes Park.

The plaza began as the dream of Jose Luis Castillo, and on Monday, he watched in awe as hundreds waved their yellow, blue and red flags in celebration.

``I was very impressed by the huge outpour of support,'' said Castillo, chair of the Colombian American Coalition of Florida. ``It was amazing.''

Janneth Quintero came to the event as a way to show her pride and support for her country.

``You need landmarks and places that people can go where they feel like they are with their community,'' said Quintero, a Kendall resident. ``I think it's going to be wonderful.''

When open, the structure, which was designed by MGE Architects on a pro-bono basis, will feature walkways, rest areas and green spaces, as well as artistic elements that honor Colombian culture.
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