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Colombia Spying Scandal Grows

Sept 01--The espionage scandal in Colombia''s Security Administrative Department (DAS) continues to grow after new revelations that call the Colombian government credibility into question.

1 de septiembre de 2009

Semana magazine published that the DAS continues spying on judges, presidential candidates, officials and politicians.

The publication said the secret police, subordinate to the presidency, continued spying after illegal recordings of journalists, politicians, human rights activists and non-governmental organizations were revealed in February.

Semana said "wiretappings have reached some presidential candidates and congresspeople." Supreme Court auxiliary judge Ivan Velasquez, presidential candidate German Vargas and Ombudsman Julio Cesar Turbay are among those mentioned.

Faced with that situation, the Colombian government has denied to have ordered that monitoring, which according to the sources, started in 2004.
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