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Julio Mario Santo Domingo, Colombian Billionaire, Dies at 87

October 11-- Julio Mario Santo Domingo, the Colombian magnate whose $8.5 billion fortune made him one of Latin America’s richest and most influential men, died on Friday in New York. He was 87.

11 de octubre de 2011

His death was announced in Colombia by Caracol, the television network he controlled. The cause was not disclosed.

While Mr. Santo Domingo had lived since the 1980s in the famous apartment building at 740 Park Avenue in Manhattan that has also been home to Rockefellers, Guggenheims and Vanderbilts, his fortunes were always intertwined with those of Colombia.

He assembled a web of enterprises in industries including energy, the media, brewing, tourism, shrimping and real estate. “There are few countries in the world in which an individual came to have so many tentacles,” Semana, a Colombian newsmagazine, said.
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