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Coming and Going: Colombia Has Heart; Baggage Fee Hikes

Aug 31--When you think of Colombia, hearts don't immediately pop to mind. Coffee beans, perhaps, or maybe that other "c" word, but not necessarily valentines. However, as part of a new tourism campaign, "Discover Colombia Through Its Heart," the country is planning to spread the love with an exhibit of heart-shaped sculptures sprinkled around Washington.

31 de agosto de 2009

To illustrate the idea that "Colombia Is Passion!," 47 fiberglass creations of varying designs will be installed in such areas as Georgetown, Adams Morgan, the Mall and Union Station.

The seven 13-foot-tall artworks inside the train station will be interactive, each highlighting a Colombian theme. For example, the musical heart features a headset playing Colombian music, the urban model is decorated with city scenes encased in glass balls, and the java heart is a lovey-dovey couch where guests are served Juan Valdez coffee.

The sculptures dotting city streets are eight feet tall and are inscribed with quotes or facts relating to the country. For example, Colombia is the second-largest flower exporter in the world and is first in biodiversity per square mile. All the works were created by Colombians in their native land, which boasts a rich legacy of artists, including author Gabriel García Márquez and Fernando Botero, famed sculptor of zaftig women.
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