Film: The Blood and the Rain

Sept 22--A cracking slice of genre filmmaking that nods to vintage Michael Mann and Martin Scorsese as well as the new generation of Latin American filmmakers, "The Blood and the Rain" unfolds over one night on the mean streets of Bogota, Colombia.

22 de septiembre de 2009

Tale of a cabbie and a good-time girl caught up in a gang war starts out steady but quickly accelerates to produce a tense, wham-bam climax. Handled right, the pic could have slender, shapely legs offshore, and at very least rep an impressive calling card for Colombian writer-helmer Jorge Navas, who's made docus, commercials and musicvids.

Grieving for his dead brother and thinking of revenge, taxi driver Jorge (Quique Mendoza) picks up coke-addled barfly Angela (Gloria Montoya) but has an accident just after dropping her off.
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