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Former Bogota mayor helps S.F. rethink streets

Jul 07--Enrique Peñalosa, the former mayor of Bogota, Colombia, made his political mark taking on automobiles and transforming his metropolis in the Andean highlands into one more accommodating for pedestrians and bicyclists. His aim: draw people outside to build a sense of community, create a safer space for kids and combat global warming.

7 de julio de 2009

Since leaving office in 2001, Peñalosa has taken his campaign global. This week he is in San Francisco, meeting with city officials, business leaders and advocates who share his ideas.

"It's like reconquering the city for people," Peñalosa said in an interview Monday. He looked out the window at post-rush-hour Bush Street and imagined the corridor with fewer traffic lanes, a protected bike lane and wider sidewalks. "This is something that is possible," he said.

His initiatives in Bogota led to banning sidewalk parking, widening sidewalks, restricting the use of private automobiles on certain days, starting a robust rapid bus system and creating a network of bike lanes.
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