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Ron Viejo de Caldas 8 from Colombia

Aug 11--Caldas rum is the leading exported brand of rum from Colombia. Their premium aged rum product is Ron Viejo de Caldas Carta de Oro Gran Reserva.

11 de agosto de 2009

This eight year old rum, known as the pride of Colombia, presents a mature flavor profile from aging in used bourbon barrels. The product has gained notoriety for an upbeat "stay positive" advertising campaign during tough economic times.

For many years, Ron Viejo de Caldas was one of Colombia's best kept secrets, starting as a provincial artisan rum, later evolving into an internationally recognized brand.

The province of Caldas is located between two Andean mountain ranges, bounded by the Cauca River on the west and the Magdalena River to the east. Colonized in the 16th century by pioneers from Spain, the region was principally known for ore mining and coffee production. The capital of Manizales sits at an altitude of 7,200 feet above sea level with a consistently cool climate averaging 65F.
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