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Experts compare Mexico's battle with drug cartels to Colombia's

Sept 30--Mexico's war on drugs looks dangerously like Colombia's a decade ago, but the country has good chances of succeeding in quashing the violence and defeating the cartels, an executive of a global intelligence and security corporation said Wednesday.

30 de septiembre de 2009

David Robillard, head of Kroll in Mexico, told a panel at the Americas Conference in Coral Gables that Mexico is facing many of the same challenges Colombia faced in 2000 and that it will take President Felipe Calderón several years to defeat the cartels.

Luis Enrique Mercado, a congressman for Calderon's PAN party agreed with Robillard that Mexico is looking more and more like Colombia at the peak of its fight against drug trafficking and that the challenges facing the government are not easy.

``Yes, Mexico is getting `Colombianized.' Let's expect that we'll have the same capacity as Colombia to defeat the problem,'' he said.
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