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Killing Pablo - True story of drug lord Pablo Escobar film in development-Chris Pine Christain Bale

Jul 10--Chris Pine, named Male Star of Tomorrow at the 2009 ShoWest exhibit in Las Vegas, is teaming up with Smokin’ Aces director, Joe Carnahan again for the crime drama Killing Pablo. As the movie’s title reveals, it is the story of Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar.

10 de julio de 2009

Disappointingly, Escobar will not be played by the originally cast Javier Bardem but director, Carnahan seems fervent about the probable replacement, Edgar Ramirez, whom Carnahan says “has every intention of portraying Escobar and I couldn't be more fired up by the prospect. He's coming at it with boundless enthusiasm, conviction to the role and the understanding that he's going to have to pack on anywhere from 35 to 40lbs”. Also, reportedly signed on to play Major Steve Jacoby is Christian Bale.
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