Financial Times

World's next top brands set to rise in the east

Jul 21--The world's next Coca-Cola or Starbucks is more likely to emerge from Asia, the Middle East or South America than the US or Europe as global economic wealth shifts.

21 de julio de 2009

In research prepared for the Financial Times, Wolff Olins, the consultants behind the London 2012 Olympics logo and the Product Red campaign, has tipped five food and drink brands from emerging markets to become global brands.

They comprise Juan Valdez Café, a Colombian coffee chain; Almarai, a Saudi dairy and fruit-juice company based in Riyadh; Patchi, a Lebanese boutique chocolate chain; ChangYu, China's biggest wine producer; and United Spirits, India's largest liquor group, which owns Scotch whisky Whyte & Mackay.

"It used to be possible to be a global brand by dominating the US market," said Melanie McShane, a strategist at Wolff Olins. "That's changing rapidly. Now you have to be number one in Asia."

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