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Colombian Hearts Campaign Draws Signs, Protests, and Animal Hearts?

Sept 16--For the past few days, I’ve held off on writing anything else about the Colombian hearts campaign, which appeared on D.C. streets in early September.

16 de septiembre de 2009

Just a recap: The creators of the campaign say it promotes tourism. Detractors say it’s a ploy to improve the country’s image in Washington and ultimately press Congress to pass the Colombian Free Trade agreement. Naturally, there have been protests. And signs posted.

And animal hearts left dangling from the fiberglass sculptures. (And for the record: I have no idea who’s responsible.) I received the following report from a friend:

“I passed one of the Colombia hearts yesterday morning (Thomas circle) and next to it someone put an actual heart – maybe pig or cow (where do you even get those?)…it was super gross.”
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