"Re-election will weaken the rule of law": Colombian Students at Harvard

About 30 colombian students at Harvard voiced their disagreement with President Uribe's proposal to ammend the Constitution to make a third term viable. They gave him a letter with their objections when he visited the John F. Kennedy School of government last Friday. Semana International presents the complete cotent of the letter:
September 25th, 2009
Cambridge, Massachusetts

President of the Republic of Colombia

We, a group of Colombian students and staff members from several graduate and undergraduate programs at Harvard University, would like to express our disagreement in regards to the amendment of the Colombian Constitution to authorize a third consecutive presidential period, on the basis of diverse arguments.

Although our political and ideological grounds are quite diverse, as well as our professional and academic backgrounds, we are in fundamental agreement about this issue. Therefore, we wish to join together to express this deep concern during your visit to the city of Cambridge and the JFK School of Government.

Above all, we are united by a sincere concern about the endurance of a democratic political project in Colombia. We want to convey this message because we believe that such a decision will weaken the rule of law, as well as threaten the separation of powers of the Colombian state.