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US soldiers at the heart of conflict between Uribe and Chavez - slide show

Aug 13--The friction between Colombia and Venezuela may have started with Chavez' support of FARC, though the Venezuelan president denies it, but it certainly does not end there. We have seen Mr. Chavez, on his own TV Show, and in clips shown on al-Jazeera and other cable networks making threats about 'war' and sending 'troops' to the border because of the Colombian threat.

13 de agosto de 2009

What Colombian threat? Colombian President Uribe has entered into an agreement with the United States to allow 800 U.S. soldiers and 600 civilian contractors from the Pentagon or U.S. security organizations for 10 years at Colombian bases. The move is touted as a joint effort at combatting the drug trafficking and terrorism in South America. But Chavez is worried. So is Lula.
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